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Lynn Long

Emeritus Appointment
lynn.long [at]

Office: 541-296-5494

Professor Lynn Long has worked in sweet cherry research and Extension at Oregon State University since 1988. His main focus of research in recent years has been cherry variety, rootstock and training system evaluations. He has been instrumental in progressing the planting of dwarfing precocious rootstocks and new training systems in commercial orchards in Oregon. He has maintained a cherry variety trial since 1996 and has evaluated nearly 100 varieties and selections for potential adoption by the sweet cherry industry in the Pacific Northwest. Long has authored or co-authored many grower oriented Extension publications including publications on sweet cherry cultivars for the fresh market, cultivars for the processing market, rootstocks, training systems, establishing new sweet cherry orchards, irrigation scheduling, pruning videos and training system videos. He has been an invited speaker in grower oriented meetings in 16 different countries around the world including Australia, Chile, Italy, Germany, Greece, Norway, Russia, South Africa and Spain. In 2001, Long served as co-convener of the ISHS International Cherry Symposium in Oregon and Washington and in 2005 the International Dwarf Fruit Tree Association awarded him the Extension Horticulturist of the Year award.