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Alec Kowalewski

Associate Professor
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Office: 541-737-5449

2023 Winter Field Day

Thursday - Feb 23, 2023 from 3 to 5 pm

OSU Lewis-Brown Horticulture Farm, 33329 Peoria Rd, Corvallis, OR, 97331

Dinner at Trysting Tree Golf Course 

Registration and Dinner is FREE for all attendees 

Please RSVP to 


Turf Program Overview 

The primary goal of my extension and outreach program, which is funded by the Giustina Turf Endowment, is improving the environmental and economic sustainability of turfgrass management.  Topics of interest related to this include, utilization of sustainable turfgrass varieties and cultivars, improving fertility and irrigation efficiency, and the use of pesticide alternatives.  I will be involved with the development and implementation of integrated pest management programs designed to reduce pesticide use.

Giustina Turf Endowment Report (2022)

2022 Publications

  • Phillips, C.L., R. Wang, C. Mattox, T.L.E. Trammell, J. Young, and A. Kowalewski. 2022. High soil carbon sequestration rates persist several decades in turfgrass systems: a meta-analysis. Science of the Total Environment. S0048-9697(22)07074-7. 
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  • Wang, R., C.M. Mattox, C.L. Phillips, and A.R. Kowalewski. 2022. Carbon Sequestration in Turfgrass–Soil Systems. Plants. 11(19): 2478;  
  • McNally, B.C., M.T. Elmore, A.R. Kowalewski, and A.B. Cain. 2022. Phosphorus influences annual bluegrass competitiveness at seeding in perennial ryegrass and creeping bentgrass. Agrosystems, Geosciences & Environment. DOI: 10.1002/agg2.20321 
  • Braithwaite, E., C. Stover, C. Schmid, and A. Kowalewski. 2022. Evaluation of fungicide programs for control of Colletotrichum cereale on annual bluegrass in western Oregon, 2021. Plant Disease Management Report. 16:T023. Retrieved Oct 11, 2022.
  • Braithwaite, E., C. Schmid, and A. Kowalewski. 2022. Evaluation of fungicides for control of Microdochium nivale on annual bluegrass in western Oregon, 2021-2022. Plant Disease Management Report. 16:T022. Retrieved Oct 11, 2022. 
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  • Braun, R.C., E.T. Braithwaite, A.R. Kowalewski, E. Watkins, A.B. Hollman, and A.J. Patton. 2022. Nitrogen Fertilizer and Clover Inclusion Effects on the Establishment of Fine Fescue Taxa. Crop Science. 62:947-957.
  • Kowalewski, A., A. Cain*, E. Braithwaite, B. McDonald, and C. Schmid. 2022. Nitrogen Fertility Rates Affecting Weed Population Dynamics in a Perennial Ryegrass Stand in Western Oregon. International Turfgrass Research Journal. 2022; 1-6.


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