Alec Kowalewski

Associate Professor, Turf Specialist
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Office: 541-737-5449
Fax: 541-737-3479

The primary goal of my extension and outreach program, which is funded by the Giustina Turf Endowment, is improving the environmental and economic sustainability of turfgrass management.  Topics of interest related to this include, utilization of sustainable turfgrass varieties and cultivars, improving fertility and irrigation efficiency, and the use of pesticide alternatives.  I will be involved with the development and implementation of integrated pest management programs designed to reduce pesticide use.

Recent Publications 

Stock, T. and A. Kowalewski. 2018. Key Components to Developing a School Integrated Pest Management Training Program. Journal of Extension. Accepted November 1, 2018.


Mattox, C., A. Kowalewski, and B. McDonald. 2018. Rolling and Biological Control Products Affect Microdochium Patch Severity on an Annual Bluegrass Putting Green. Agronomy Journal. Accepted October 11, 2018.


McDonald, B., C. Mattox, M. Gould, and A. Kowalewski. 2018. Effects of Sulfur and Calcium Source on pH, Anthracnose Severity, and Microdochium Patch Management on Annual Bluegrass in Western Oregon. Crop, Forage and Turfgrass Management. Accepted September 5, 2018.


Schwartz, B.M., W.W. Hanna, L.L. Baxter, P.L. Raymer, F.C. Waltz, A.R. Kowalewski, A. Chandra, A.D. Genovesi, B.G. Wherley, G.L. Miller, S.R. Milla-Lewis, C.C. Reynolds, Y. Wu, D.L. Martin, J.Q. Moss, M.P. Kenna, J.B. Unruh, K.E. Kenworthy, J. Zhang and P. Munoz. 2018. ‘DT-1’, a Drought-Tolerant Triploid Turf Bermudagrass. HortScience 53(11):1711-1714. doi: 10.21273/HORTSCI13083-18


McDonald, B.W. and A. Kowalewski. 2017. Effect of fungicides applied at reduced rates on Microdochium patch in western Oregon, 2017. Plant Disease Management Report. 11:T033.


McDonald, B.W. and A. Kowalewski. 2017. Effects of Fungicides on Leaf Spot in Western Oregon, 2016. Plant Disease Management Report. 11:T034.


Daviscourt, B.L., A.R. Kowalewski, and J.G. Lambrinos. 2017. A Life-Cycle Cost Analysis of Synthetic Infill and Natural Grass Systems. International Turfgrass Research Journal. Accepted with revisions April 28, 2017.


Olsen, C., A. Kowalewski, M. Gould, and J. Lambrinos. 2017. Evaluating Two Rainwater Harvesting Systems in an Urban Setting in Oregon’s Willamette Valley. Journal of Green Building. 12:1-10.


Zhang, J., D. Sullivan, A. Kowalewski, J. Peake, W. Anderson, C. Waltz, and B. Schwartz. 2017. Evaluating Hybrid Bermudagrass Using Spectral Reflectance under Different Mowing Heights and Trinexapac-ethyl Applications. HortTechnology. 27:45-53.


McDonald, B.W. and A.R. Kowalewski. 2017. Effects of Fungicides on Microdochium Patch in Western Oregon, 2016. Plant Disease Management Report. 11:T009.


McDonald, B.W. and A.R. Kowalewski. 2017. Effects of Fungicides on Gray Snow Mold in Central Oregon, 2016. Plant Disease Management Report. 11:T008.

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I am also responsible for teaching and advising the Turfgrass Management undergraduate and graduate students in the Department of Horticulture.  I am also the advisor for the OSU undergraduate Turf Club.  This club is a very active group that regularly meets with industry members,  participates in student competition on a national level, and frequently represents the OSU turf program as exhibitors at various industry related meetings and shows.

On Campus

  • Principles of Turfgrass Management (HORT 314)
  • Plant Nutrition (HORT 316) 
  • Irrigation (HORT 360) 
  • Career Exploration (HORT 412)
  • Golf Course Maintenance (HORT 418) 


  • Principles of Turfgrass Management (HORT 314) 
  • Plant Nutrition (HORT 316)


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