Alec Kowalewski

Associate Professor, Turf Specialist
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Working on improving the environmental and economic sustainability of turfgrass management

My secondary responsibility, which is partially funded by the Giustina Turf Endowment, is extension and outreach.  This portion of my appointment includes the development and implementation of various applied research projects.  My overall extension and research goal is improving the environmental and economic sustainability of turfgrass management. 

Topics of interest related to this include, but are not limited to, the utilization of sustainable turfgrass varieties and cultivars.  Quantifying the impact of environmental stewardship certified golf courses is also an important extension/outreach interest, particularly because the Pacific Northwest is the national leader in this effort, having the largest percent of certified environmental stewardship program golf courses in the U.S.  Improving fertility and irrigation efficiency, and the development of carbon neutral turfgrass systems are also key factors in the development of sustainable turfgrass management.   Finally, I will be involved with the development and implementation of integrated pest management programs designed to reduce pesticide use.  This is of particular interesting considering the increase pesticide bans and restriction in the United States and Canada. 

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Teaching and advising the Turfgrass Management undergraduate and graduate students in the Department of Horticulture is my primary responsibility.  In the fall I teach the Principles of Turfgrass Maintenance and in the winter I teach Turf Pest Management.  In the spring term I teach two classes, Golf Course Maintenance and Landscape Construction: Irrigation and Drainage.  I am also the advisor for the OSU undergraduate Turf Club.  This club is a very active group that regularly meets with industry members,  participates in student competition on a national level, and frequently represents the OSU turf program as exhibitors at various industry related meetings and shows.

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