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M. C. Rodrigues, Cook, T. W., Marques, R. S., Arispe, S. A., Keisler, D. H., and Bohnert, D. W., Effects of oral meloxicam administration to beef cattle receiving lipopolysaccharide administration or vaccination against respiratory pathogens1, Journal of Animal Science, vol. 93281918352518823151033579786899064165261112253052010279277197514174273334868649171735779274876539, no. 10, pp. 5018 - 5027, 2015.


Journal Article

T. W. Cook, BILL E. KUNKLE INTERDISCIPLINARY BEEF SYMPOSIUM: Temperament and acclimation to human handling influence growth, health, and reproductive responses in Bos taurus and Bos indicus cattle1, Journal of Animal Science, vol. 9287823227172011518987879014291908723845260–615522561163932825829090368935876266747473529843785423085219233348946758732, no. 12Suppl. 2E-Suppl. 3E-Suppl. 3, pp. 5325 - 5333, 2014.
T. A. Guarnie Filho, Cook, T. W., Cappellozza, B. Ieda, Reis, M. M., Marques, R. S., and Bohnert, D. W., Effects of meloxicam administration on physiological and performance responses of transported feeder cattle1, Journal of Animal Science, vol. 928781868223639010190499787899190914885459039627575145279096933585918430927439, no. 9, pp. 4137 - 4144, 2014.