Apium graveolens

 Last revised February 1, 2010

Photo credit: Alex Stone, Oregon State University

VARIETIES (approximately 110-150 days from transplanting).

Early: Utah 52-70-R Improved.
Late: Florida 683. For trial: Clean Cut, Tall Green Light, Ventura.
Processing: Processor specifies varieties. Tall varieties are preferred. Some that have been used include: Tall Utah 52-75, Tall Utah 52-70R Improved, T.U. 52-70HK, Matador, Picador.

Response of Vegetables to Cytex, a Cytokinin Preparation

The purpose of these experiments was to determine the effect of a commercial cytokinin preparation on yield and quality of several Willamette Valley horticultural crops. Atlantic and Pacific Research, Inc. manufactures a marine algae extract, containing 100 ppm kinetin, which has increased fruit and vegetable yields in several areas of the country and is registered for use on tomatoes. This product, Cytex, is stable and can be applied with standard spray equipment.