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Whether you are a commercial grower or a home gardener, choosing vegetable varieties that are adapted to your local growing conditions and will perfom consistently is essential for success. The following resources will help you in doing so. If you are a processed vegetable grower, go to the Processed Vegetable page and use the search feature at the bottom of the page to access variety trial information. Additional information on variety selection for a specific crop may be available in the Vegetable Production Guides.

Oregon Specific Resources

OSU Vegetable Variety Trials (2017)- This guide lists the results of vegetable varieties that were grown and evaluated in conjunction with breeding programs at the Oregon State University vegetable farm in Corvallis, Oregon. Market growers and home gardeners can use this information in choosing adapted varieties that have qualities that are important to them (appearance, earliness, flavor, yield, disease resistance, etc.).

An Educator's Guide to Vegetable Gardening- In the appedicies of this guide is a list of vegetable varieties well suited to school gardens, and educators' need to garden around the academic calendar.

OSU Clubroot Resistant Brassica Variety Trials- This handout summarizes the results from clubroot resistant brassica (cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, Napa cabbage, etc) variety trials conducted in 2015-16 on farms in the Willamette Valley of Oregon as well as in greenhouse screening trials.

Other Resources

Northern Organic Vegetable Improvement Collective (NOVIC)- Novic brings together researchers and organic farmers in Northern US states to address their seed and plant breeding needs. The collaborative includes researchers and educators from four universities, Organic Seed Alliance, and the USDA. NOVIC is partnering with organic farmers to breed new varieties, identify the best performing existing varieties for organic agriculture, and educate farmers on organic seed production and plant variety improvement.

North American Vegetable Variety Trial Reports- This website has links to vegetable variety trial information for the midwest and northeast US, and Canada.

Results from Past Variety Trials

OSU Vegetable Variety Trials (2010)

OSU Vegetable Variety Trials (2008)

OSU Vegetable Variety Trials (2006)

OSU Vegetable Variety Trials (2005)