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Weed Em and Reap Part 1. Retractable Blade Cultivator

This is a Weed 'Em and Reap Part 1 video clip. Featuring Rob Heater, Stahlbush Island Farms. Corvallis, OR. Audio Text This is what we call an in-row cultivator. It’s built on to a Buffalo cultivator, which is made in the Midwest, I think back in Nebraska. It’s a high-residue, no-till cultivator. We happen to have had a bunch of these that we were using in our crops anyway and decided to make an attachment in here for killing weeds in widely spaced crops, like winter squash and different pumpkins.

Retractable Blade Cultivator: Weed Em and Reap


Citrullus lanatus

Last revised February 11, 2010

Many new varieties of watermelons have been developed in recent years. Yellow and seedless types are finding an increasing share of the specialty watermelon market. It is estimated that seedless red and yellow varieties that were virtually unknown ten years ago, and represent about 5% of the market today will increase their market share substantially in the near future. Small excellent quality "icebox" melons are also becoming increasingly popular.