Prospective Lab Members

New lab member openings are available depending on the developing projects and funding availability.

At the moment there are no graduate or post-doc positions available. When there is an opening I will post it here. If you are interested in applying to the lab, please reach out to me and describe your research interests, and career goals in an email or letter. Provide a CV or resume and three references I may potentially contact. If I feel we have similar research interests I will reply to your email.


Current Openings:

None at the moment, check back later.

Prospective Student:

I can accept graduate students through the Department of Horticulture. I will also have openings for OSU undergraduates looking for part-time or full-time for the summer. 


Prospective Post-doc:

I would be interested in working with early-career scientists where there is mutual interest and benefit. When no funding is available for a post-doc, I would be happy to discuss potential writing of a joint proposal for a fellowship or other funding for an opportunity in my lab. Please reach out as mentioned above. 


My goal is to create a productive and safe environment among students, staff and faculty. I enjoy and am excited about applying weed science principles and developing effective knowledge for the stakeholders. I take pride in my work and expect my lab members to have a similar level of commitment. If you join my group you are representing Oregon State University, our lab and myself. A few characteristics I expect that I would like to highlight include:

  • Commitment to your studies and projects. You should be able to demonstrate an ability to follow through on a project. This is an important skill I learned in graduate school that made me succeed. 
  • Team work. You should be respectful with others and be supportive. We function as a group and I expect healthy collaborations. It is also helpful to learn from other's perspectives and about each other's projects which can broaden your skills and knowledge.
  • Critical thinking. Think of the bigger picture of your project, or the objectives of our lab with your project. You should be able to develop ideas that may improve the efficiency of your projects. Your critical thinking skills should develop with time and experience and I will be creating environments that will help improve your skills. 
  • Professional and maturity. I expect everyone to be responsible and honest. I expect integrity in your science and in your interactions with others. 

My lab will be best suited for teaching lab members interested in applied agricultural research related to weed control. We may focus on herbicides, herbicide fate in the environment,weed ecology and biology, integrated weed management and crop management interactions with the focus of developing practical knowledge for our stakeholders through scientific methods.