New. Although no significant damage has been reported from this pest in Oregon and it is not clear whether this beetle can thrive in this state, the beetle has been a menace in many states and...
“It really does reduce your work load,” said Linda Brewer, a senior research assistant in Oregon State University’s department of horticulture. “Once applied it cuts down on weeding and watering.”
“One of the keys to getting kids interested in gardening is to get them engaged,” said Joy Jones, Oregon State University Extension Service master gardener coordinator in Tillamook County.
“People like what’s new or different,” said Claudia Groth, an Oregon State University Extension Service master gardener for more than 25 years. “It’s the human condition. We want what’s trending.”
For winemakers, the Gorge represents the “blessing and challenge” of a diverse American Viticultural Area, said Mark Chien, program coordinator of the Oregon Wine Research Institute at Oregon State...