Research & Extension

Ed Peachey studying weed emergence
Explore our programs and projects to learn about how we are working to solve problems, create opportunities, and improve lives and livelihoods for Oregonians. Many of our programs also have national and global impact as they deliver knowledge and resources applicable to horticultural systems across the nation and around the world.

To ensure that we bring all the expertise we need to our research and extension programs, we often collaborate with other departments and disciplines at Oregon State University, with the farmers and growers who produce Oregon's food and nursery products, with landscape managers around the country, and with researchers around the globe.

Ecological and Environmental Landscapes

We're committed to researching and promoting managed horticultural ecosystems and plant biological systems that contribute to clean air and water, biodiversity, greenspace and overall livability in Oregon and beyond.

  • Landscape Plant Identification
  • Master Gardener Program
  • Nursery, Greenhouse, and Christmas Trees
  • Oak Creek Center for Urban Horticulture
  • OSU Permaculture Design
  • Turfgrass
  • Urban and Community Horticulture
  • Weed Science

Sustainable Food and Farming Systems

We research questions and share knowledge that improve production efficiency, environmental quality, livelihoods, food quality, and human well-being in food and farming systems.

  • Berries and Small Fruits
  • Brown Marmorated Stink Bug
  • Honey Bee Lab
  • Nursery, Greenhouse, and Christmas Trees
  • Oak Creek Center for Urban Horticulture
  • Organic Agriculture
  • Small Farms
  • Spotted Wing Drosophila
  • Tree Fruits and Nuts
  • Vegetables
  • Viticulture
  • Weed Science
  • OSU Permaculture Design

Outreach and Extension

Oregon State's Extension Service serves Oregonians by conveying research-based knowledge that helps people improve their lives and communities. The Department of Horticulture assists in this mission by improving the environmental, economic, and social sustainability of integrated farm and food systems and ecological landscapes. Many of our faculty hold Extension appointments and are dedicated to sharing knowledge in our communities.