Nitrogen Management in Vegetable Crops and Their Rotations


  • Evaluate N uptake efficiency in broccoli and use passive capillary pan lysimeters to refine measurements of nitrate leaching.
  • Evaluate the N-trapping efficiency of cover crops following 1992 and 1993 broccoli and sweet corn crops.
  • Estimate the contribution of cover crops, following a sweet corn crop, to the nitrogen requirements of a broccoli crop.
  • Evaluate the effect of N placement on cauliflower yield.
  • Evaluate the potential leaching of nitrate from optimally-fertilized cauliflower plantings.
  • Evaluate the possibility of overseeding as a means of establishing a catch crop in cauliflower.
  • Evaluate the effect of several N sources on sweet corn yield.
  • Evaluate N uptake efficiency in sweet corn and measure nitrate leaching.
  • Evaluate the effect of splitting N applications on sweet corn yield.
  • Collect and analyze soil samples before and after commercial crops of sweet corn, broccoli, cauliflower, beans, carrots, and table beets and survey grower cooperators to relate finding to soil type and management practices.