Dry Farm Tomato Production


A three year project (May 2020 - April 2023) funded by Western SARE.  

Project leader: Alex Stone: alex.stone@oregonstate.edu 

Project coordinator: Matt Davis: davisma3@oregonstate.edu

The overarching goal of the project is to jump-start a dry farm tomato production system for the Willamette Valley of Oregon.

The project is:

1) identifying high performing tomato varieties, rootstocks, and scion/rootstock combinations

2) evaluating soil management strategies (tillage, mulching, compost amendments) with Amy Garrett of the OSU Small Farms Dry Farming Program

3) evaluating profitability (with Tanya Murray of Oregon Tilth)

4) developing a dry farm tomato market (with Lane Selman of OSU and the Culinary Breeding Network, and Amy Garrett of the Dry Farming Institute)



Site Suitability

How to Assess your Site for Dry Farm Potential handout September 2021

Variety Trial 2021

2021 Dry Farm Tomato Project Variety Trial Report (for variety trial methods see 2020 Variety Trial Full Report)

High performing varieties (ungrafted): photos and descriptions

High performing varieties (grafted): photos and descriptions

Variety Trial 2020

2020 Variety Trial Summary

2020 Variety Trial Full Report

Appendix A: Project Photos of High Performing Varieties

Appendix B: Variety Yield and Quality Timeline Figures

Appendix C: Grafted Tomato Report

Appendix D: Small Fruited Tomato List

Appendix E: Tomatoes Removed from Trial 



Summer 2020 Dry Farm Program Virtual Field Days (includes tomato production videos: site suitability, variety trial, pruning/staking, soil management). 

OSU Small Farms Dry Farm Program website


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