Collegiate Turf Bowl

What Is It?

Every year at the STMA and GCSAA Education Conference/Golf Industry Show, teams of college students participate in the Collegiate Turf Bowl. The competition consists of a written exam, developed by superintendents, and a written essay. The exam focuses on all facets of the profession. The written essay is based on a business/financial case-study scenario. Each team submits one exam and essay, which is then graded by superintendents.

Who Can Participate?

The competition is limited to current college students and recent December graduates who have not begun permanent, full-time jobs on golf courses. Students will participate in teams of up to four individuals; teams are determined by the students and their advisors in advance. Graduate students are not eligible to participate.

How To Register:

For the Sports Turf Managers Association Turf Bowl registration is done via the internet prior to the conference. 

For the GCSAA/Golf Industry Show students should register for the Turf Bowl when they register for the conference and show.

Turf Bowl Competitions

2021 GIS Turf Bowl Team 

Vince Romo, Dalton Montgomery, Ryder Johnson and Naia Evans (14 place)

2020 GIS Turf Bowl Team 

Shane Shaffer, Caleb Smith, and Dalton Montgomery
Nicholas Tompulis, Vincent Romo, Ryder Johnson 

2019 GIS Turf Bowl Teams - San Diego, CA

Evan McFadden, Shane Shaffer, Derrick Stelle and Jeremy Lee (11 place)
Calvin Molan, John Propheter and Caleb Smith and Sam Pape

2019 STMA Student Challenge Team - Phoenix, AZ

Cameron Hendricks, Grant Roth, Jeremy Lee and Caleb Smith

2018 GIS Turf Bowl Teams - San Antonio, TX 

Derrick Stelle, Brenden Shaffer, Caleb Smith and Cameron Hendricks
Shane Shaffer, Evan McFadden, Mithchell Monen and Quinn Hamblin

2017 GIS Turf Bowl Teams - Orlando, FL

Brenden Shaffer, Shane Shaffer, Derrick Stelle and Quinn Hamblin
Evan McFadden, Cameron Hendricks, Mitchell Monen and Caleb Smith 

2016 GIS Turf Bowl Teams - San Diego, CA

Kabe Hockema, Zack Lacey, Phil Mauss and Evan McFadden 

2016 STMA Student Challenge Team - San Diego, CA

Zack Lacey, Phil Mauss and Kabe Hockema

2015 GIS Turf Bowl Teams - San Antonio, TX

Phil Mauss, Kabe Hockema and Zack Lacey
Micah Gould, Cole Stover and Brian Daviscourt

2014 GIS Turf Bowl Teams - Orlando, FL

Grady Stelzel, Zack Lacey Jeremy Roth and Keith Brandtjen
Cory Fradenrecht, Micah Gould, Phil Mauss and Kabe Hockema