Turf Club at Oregon State University

The OSU Turfgrass Club is an organization that is designed to further the members' education in the turfgrass industry.  The members are a close group of students who have selected the Turf Management option within the Horticulture major. Most of the students enjoy the game of golf and want to become golf course superintendents while other students have an interest in becoming athletic field managers or landscapers.  The club is open to any student who feels they would fit into these categories.


  • Increase practical knowledge of the turfgrass industry
  • Provide opportunities to meet people working in the turfgrass industry
  • Assist in the process of finding internships, summer jobs, and permanent employment
  • Increase student participation in regional and national associations such as the Oregon Golf Course Superintendents Association (OGCSA), the Golf Course Superintendents Association of America (GCSAA), the Oregon Sports Turf Managers Association (OSTMA), and the Oregon Landscape Contractors Association (OLCA)
  • Enhance Oregon State University's reputation as a national leader in the turfgrass industry 


Riley Edgar, President - edgarri@oregonstate.edu

Naia Evans, Vice-President - evansnai@oregonstate.edu

Brayden Webb, Secretary -  webbbra@oregonstate.edu