Courses in Nursery, Greenhouse, and Christmas Trees

Students learn horticultural principles and practices associated with nursery production. The curriculum includes courses in plant biology and genetics, soils, ecology, and economics, with applications in plant nutrition, pest management, business, and marketing.

Students learn to manage real-world dilemmas with floriculture crop projects, case studies, field trips, and internships, interacting with growers, managers, field representatives, and consultants. 

Horticulture Courses

HORT 112 Introduction to Horticultural Systems, Practices and Careers

HORT 226 Landscape Plant Materials

HORT 228 Landscape Plant Materials

HORT 251 Temperate Tree Fruit, Berries, Grapes, and Nuts

HORT 255 Herbaceous Ornamental Plant Materials

HORT 300 Introduction to Crop Production

HORT 301 The Biology of Horticulture

HORT 311 Plant Propagation

HORT 316 Plant Nutrition

HORT 351 Floriculture and Greenhouse Systems

HORT 430 Plant Genetics

HORT 441 Plant Tissue Culture

HORT 495 Horticultural Management Plans 


OSU Forestry Courses Include:

FOR 441 Silviculture Principles

FOR 442 Silviculture Reforestation

FOR 443 Silvicultural Practices


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