Horticulture Safety Program

Updated Winter 2016

Emergency Response

Your safety and all of those you are responsible for:

  • Call 911 for an emergency.
  • Contact Nancy Bremner (541-737-5475), Elaine Clark (541-737-5477), or Teri Pizzolatto (541-737-3464) for assistance.

General Safety and Office Safety

This is for all new students and employees that work or train within the Horticulture Department.

  • Environmental Health & Safety provides a “General and Office Safety” PowerPoint. A good overview for new employees, as it instructs on general safety and office safety. Have them review the presentation and then submit the “Online Training Acknowledgement” form. EH&S will keep a record of the training.
  • If a person is having health issues with how their desk and office is set up, learn more about ergonomics at EH&S

Lab Safety

All new hires and students that work in any of the Horticulture labs need to be safety trained.

This is a minimum of lab safety training that all new students and employees must do. It might be a good idea for all lab students and employees, even with years of experience, to review and be acknowledged that they have been trained.

For any additional training based on regulations for the materials and procedures in use by the lab, go to the EH&S website: http://oregonstate.edu/ehs/lab_safety, which has all of the forms, documents and manuals you may need as a Principal Investigator of a lab.

Safety Forms

If you need any forms concerning safety, EH&S has the forms on this page: http://oregonstate.edu/ehs/forms, including the Acknowledgement of Safety Rules, Emergency Procedures and Hazard Communication Training form.

Principal Investigator Information

The EH&S site answers most of the questions you will have concerning your responsibilities if you’re a PI. 

Greenhouse Safety

All new hires and students that will work within the OSU greenhouses need safety training before they start.  See Jim Ervin for details: Jim Ervin, Greenhouse Manager
2801 SW Campus Way, Corvallis, OR 97331-7307, Phone: 541-737-2381, Email: jim.ervin@oregonstate.edu.

Farm Safety

All new hires and students that will work on the local Corvallis Farm Units (Lewis Brown, Hyslop, Veg Farm, Botany Plant Pathology and Woodhall) must be trained before they start and some training may be completed within the first two weeks of their start.  All students and employees must go to the Corvallis Farm Unit Training website and sign up and take the appropriate safety training.