What To Do Before You Travel

  1. If traveling out of the State of Oregon or to a foreign country, do in this order:
  2. Get pre-approval for travel from the PI paying for the travel and the Hort. Dept. Head:
  • Domestic travel: email form at the bottom of these instructions.
  • Foreign travel: Do domestic email form first. Once the travel is approved by the Hort. Dept. Head, then do this:
    New OSU International Travel Registry — The Division of International Programs has launched the new OSU International Travel Registry to replace the international travel form previously overseen by Risk Management. The registry is designed to capture travel information for all faculty, staff, and students traveling internationally outside of an education abroad program currently supported by the Office of Global Opportunities. Registering travel is required and triggers enrollment in the Travel Accident & Sickness Plan. Contact the Division of International Programs for more information.
  1. CI Azumano Travel is OSU’s contract travel agency. You will need to provide the following info when requesting an itinerary from Azumano:
  • Index number
  • Activity code (if there is one)
  • Account code (choose one): 39115 for domestic travel | 39615 for foreign travel
  • Org Code (choose one): 211200=Horticulture | 211214=Horticulture Extension

You are no longer required to get a quote from the contract agency for purchasing a ticket online. If you purchase a ticket online, you will need to put it on your personal credit card and then turn in the receipt along with the rest of your receipts after your trip for a reimbursement. If you use the below contract agency, once you decide on a ticket, the travel agency will send the itinerary to the admin staff (Lee Ann, Nancy or Caroline) for “authorization to purchase.” If you are driving instead of flying, then you MUST get a quote from the travel agency to justify that driving is cheaper. You can contact the contract travel agency one of three ways:

  1. Contact CA Azumano Travel directly: via email azcorvallis@ciazumano.com (it is not suggested to use a direct email address as travel agents change). The best way to do this, is to go online and choose an itinerary that you like and email it to them. Use the travel request form posted on Azumano’s website (this is an form that gathers travel data and is submitted directly to CIAzumano)
  2. By Phone: 800-334-2929.
  3. Use the new portal system: staff/faculty/GTA/GRA can sign up with the online booking tool – Certify (formally NuTravel) and use the tool to reserve travel. Note: There is a form to sign up to gain access.
  4. To access “Certify” Online Booking Tool (formerly nuTravel) provided by CI Azumano. For training resources please visit their website: http://fa.oregonstate.edu/business-affairs/travel/nutravel. Please note that “Certify” requires ONID authentication so if prompted to login please use your ONID credentials. “Certify” does support single-sign-on so if you have already authenticated it will take you directly into the tool. Please direct any “Certify” questions to travel@oregonstate.edu.
  1. HUT Shuttle/Oregon Express Shuttle to PDX can be booked at the same time as your airline ticket through the travel agency.
  2. Rental cars can be booked at the same time as your airline ticket for transportation to PDX or at your destination through the travel agency.
  3. Conference registrations and abstract submission fees can be put on the department credit card through the admin staff. Just get the payment forms up and ready to enter the credit card info and then give them a call and they will come to your computer and enter the credit card number; or, bring your laptop with the site ready to enter the credit card info. The credit card billing address is: OSU Horticulture, 4017 AG Life Sciences Bldg, Corvallis, OR 97331
  4. Lodging can be put on the Dept. credit card.
  5. Shuttles at your destination: you need to put on your own credit card.
  6. We pay per diem meals, so you do not need to keep meal receipts.
  7. If you will be gone 5 days or more, you are entitled to a travel advance. Go to this link for the form:
    https://oscar.oregonstate.edu/Resources/SubNav.aspx?NavPage=13&submenu=T13: use Internet Explorer browser.

Here is the pre-approval for travel email form:

Please submit your pre-approvals for travel via email to the PI of the grant, then Bill (bill.braunworth@oregonstate.edu) with a “cc” to Lee Ann (leeann.julson@oregonstate.edu), providing the following information:

Subject line: pre-approval for travel

Traveler’s name:


Date of departure:

Date of return:

Index number:

Activity code (if applicable):

Account code(choose one): 39115 for domestic travel | 39615 for foreign travel

Org Code(choose one): 211200=Horticulture | 211214=Horticulture Extension

Reason for travel: The business center is now requiring that a “Business Purpose” needs to clearly explain what the benefit is to the university. Business purposes that simply state “xyz employee” was invited to attend a conference is not sufficient. Simply being invited to do something does not justify OSU paying for the expense. Some sort of description for how the conference ties in with the research or academic work of the employee.

Estimated cost of trip, include:


Registration fees:





Your PI and Bill will then pre-approve your travel using the “reply all” feature (note: if you remembered to put Lee Ann in the “cc” then you won’t have to forward the pre-approval to her).


If you have any questions, please ask one of the admin staff.