Office Policy

This policy is not intended to negate or in any way alter the working conditions or benefit policies as set forth by OSU Human Resources and the OPEU classified collective bargaining agreement.


The office team members are expected to begin working promptly at the start of their assigned work period and remain at work until the end of their assigned work period. Deviations from the established work schedule must be approved in advance by management.

When leaving the office for an extended period, management should be informed of the approximate time of return. Unscheduled absences (illness, emergency, etc.) must be reported to management with an effort being made to talk directly to the team member’s direct supervisor.

Upon returning from unscheduled leave, the Employee Leave Request form should be submitted immediately.

Leave Requests

Leave requests, including late arrivals/early departures, must be submitted to the team member’s supervisor on the Employee Leave Request form as far in advance as possible. Personal business should be arranged outside of regular work hours whenever possible.

Dress Code

This office does not have a dress code. However, it is expected that dress and personal hygiene are appropriate for a university office.

Training, Meeting, and University Function Attendance

Requests to attend trainings, meetings, or university functions should be sent to the team member’s supervisor for approval.

Overtime/Compensatory Time

Overtime and compensatory time must be approved in advance by the department head. In some circumstances, same day notification is acceptable, but approval is always required.


Two fifteen-minute breaks are provided each day. Breaks, or any time away from the desk, should be arranged so the front office is not left unattended. OSU policy does not allow breaks to be combined with each other or with the lunch break or for breaks or lunch breaks to be used to alter your established work schedule.

Phone Usage

Occasional short personal calls (such as to make or change an appointment, arrange for personal services, or communicate briefly with friends or family over immediate concerns) are allowed from the desk phones. However, all calls are to be terminated immediately should faculty, staff, or the public require assistance.

A phone (737-8183) has been installed in the staff break room (ALS 4007A) for lengthy personal calls (over five minutes) including local conversations and long distance calls made with a personal phone card.

Per university policy, university phones cannot be used for personal long distance calls unless a phone card is used.

Computer Usage

Computers are available for use per OSU’s Policy on Acceptable Use of University Computing Facilities. Personal use of computers which does not interfere with your, or OSU’s, ability to carry out institution business is allowed. Out of courtesy to others in the office, please keep unnecessary emails to a minimum.


Annual review of the safety rules for General Safety and Office Environment Safety is recommended. Unsafe conditions should be reported to the department’s Safety Committee.

Revised June 2012. Office Policy in .pdf for downloading.