How to Apply - Undergraduate

Ready to take the next step in becoming a part of the Department of Horticulture? Visit the OSU Office of Admissions for more information on the application process, or go straight to the online application. You can also learn more about financial aid and scholarshipsuniversity housing and dining options, or about student life on campus and off.

Still undecided? Contact our undergraduate advisor with questions or schedule a visit to get a feel for OSU's campus.

First Year Students

First year students are students currently in high school, high school graduates with fewer than 36 quarter/24 semester college credits, or GED holders.

If you are in high school, be sure to include college prep courses in biology, chemistry, mathematics, and writing in your high school program. A strong high school science background will make your transition to our program much easier.

You will first need to apply to OSU and be accepted. The Office of Admissions offers comprehensive information for first year students on applying and matriculating.

Transfer Students

To transfer from another college or university, you will first need to apply to OSU and be accepted.

If you are attending or planning to attend a community college before coming to OSU, take transferable courses in general chemistry, biology, mathematics, and writing. Make sure that the courses you take meet the degree requirements of our department. Some community colleges offer excellent horticulture courses which meet our degree requirements, while others do not.

To find out how your community college classes will transfer to OSU, look them up in the OSU Articulation Tables. For any other questions regarding transferring to OSU, contact the Office of Admissions.

Students with an Undergraduate Degree

To attend as a postbaccalaureate student, you will first need to apply to OSU and be accepted.

If you are seeking a degree in addition to the one you have, you will only need to fulfill courses within the horticulture major and your selected option.

Non-Degree Students

To attend as a non-degree student, you will first need to apply to OSU. There is no formal acceptance process. For more information on attending as non-degree student, visit the OSU Office of Admissions.