Policy Relevant to Approval of 1039-Hours of Employment following Full Tenure Relinquishment

Conditions Relevant to Approval of Academic Wage Appointment (1039-Hours) for Faculty Upon Full Tenure Relinquishment
College of Agricultural Sciences
Oregon State University

Preface: As faculty with tenure consider retirement they frequently request approval of part-time employment for a period of one to three years as a transition period as is provided in University policy.* The Academic Wage appointment (1039-hours) is the most common option and funding for such an appointment is typically largely or entirely provided from state dollars. In the recent past, approval of these requests involved rather generic conditions. Due to continuing budget declines it is usually necessary to defer Priority Staffing requests for those program areas in which a person continues employment under an Academic Wage appointment (1039-hours). It is also increasingly necessary to define specifically the role and responsibilities associated with such an appointment, and to expect accountability to a specific mission area in the College of Agricultural Sciences.

These are general criteria College administration will consider in evaluating requests for 1039-hours of employment.
1. Teaching courses that serve specific curricular needs within the College’s academic programs with enrollments that meet OSU expectations.
2. Leading a research activity that receives adequate extramural support to maintain an active program. This includes support of faculty research assistants, graduate students, and/or post-doctoral scholars; supplies and services; and travel necessary to conduct and communicate results of the research.
3. Leading an Extension program that is a high priority within the Statewide Public Services. This includes staffing a need that exists within the Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources Extension Staffing Plan.
4. Serving a specific administrative role as recognized by the dean of the College.

The intent of providing these specific criteria is to inform conversations between College faculty members and their unit leaders at the outset of active consideration of tenure relinquishment. As these conversations progress, unit leaders are expected to confer with the appropriate associate dean to validate alignment of a faculty member’s proposal for a 1039-hours of employment with the criteria described above.

* University policy on Tenure Relinquishment