Department of Horticulture Seminar Series

Department of Horticulture Seminar Series

The Department of Horticulture provides students the opportunity to present scientific material as a learning experience in the Horticulture 407, 507 and 607 Seminar Series. Department of Horticulture Faculty and industry leaders are often also featured as speakers and present on current topics of concern in horticulture research. All seminars are free and open to the public, and, unless otherwise specified, take place in Agricultural Life Sciences Building, Room 4001. The Seminars are recorded using Zoom and are accessible for live participation via the 'Live Feed' link if it is available for that seminar. To join the meeting, you need to have a Zoom account set up and/or download the Zoom application. Please note that the quality/transmission of video/sound may be dependent on the end-users internet connection and/or computer/viewing device. Access presentations from 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023 and upcoming 2024 seminars from side bar menu.


Spring 2024 Seminar Series 

Join us for the Winter Seminar Series in ALS 4000 or via Zoom at 12 PM, NOON, on Mondays, starting April 8th. Recorded Seminar presentations will be posted on the 2024 Horticulture Seminar Series webpage as they become available.

Please see the seminar series schedule link and below for upcoming seminars. Zoom information is at the bottom of the page.


For an idea of what to expect in the series, check out the Fall 2020 Horticulture Seminar Video to the right.

Horticulture Seminar Series Schedule



The Effects of Nitrogen Source on Microdochium Patch Severity on Annual Bluegrass Putting Greens in the Pacific Northwest

Cole Stover, MS Graduate Student, OSU Horticulture

I completed my undergraduate degree in horticulture with the turfgrass option at Oregon State University in 2015. From there I went to work in the golf course maintenance industry working at several courses in Oregon as both an assistant superintendent and superintendent. I returned to Oregon State in 2021 to being working on my master's degree. While pursuing that I've been doing research on Microdochium patch in the Willamette Valley and remote sensing of winterkill on golf course turfgrass in central Oregon.




The Last of Us : Delving into the World of Entomopathogenic fungi

Yan Yan, MS Graduate Student, OSU Horticulture

Yan Yan is a second-year master student based in Mid-Columbia Agricultural Research and Extension Center and specializes in Tree Fruit Entomology. Her research focused on pest management and disease vector control. Her current projects include understanding the phenology, dispersal, and movement of leafhopper E. variegatus. This species of leafhopper is vector of the deadly cherry X-disease which has caused millions of dollars in damage to the Pacific Northwest cherry industry. Over the past year, she has actively engaged with extension specialists, industry professionals, and private stakeholders to assist cherry growers in making more informed pest control decisions. Additionally, she enjoys participating in outreach activities to increase public awareness and understanding of the fascinating world of insects. In her leisure time, she enjoys hiking in the woods, trying out new recipes, and playing video games.


Destructive Turfgrass Insects Diversity and Distribution in the Pacific Northwest of the United States

Zachary Hamilton, MS Graduate Student, OSU Horticulture

I graduated from Oregon State University with a bachelor's degree in horticulture in 2020. After graduating, I started working at the OSU Lewis Brown Research Farm in the turfgrass section. Then I returned to OSU to pursue my master's degree in turfgrass during 2021. My research has primarily been centered around destructive turfgrass insects and carbon sequestration in cool season turfgrasses.


Precision Agriculture: Current and Future Perspectives

Scott Orr, PhD Graduate Student, OSU Horticulture


The microvine past present and future

Laurent Deluc, Faculty, OSU Horticulture


Integrating Host Plant Resistance for Corn Earworm Management in Hemp

Samikshya Pandey, MS Graduate Student, OSU Horticulture


Use of vibrational signals in managing Hemipteran pests

Edwin Harris, PhD Graduate Student, OSU Horticulture



Enhancing Ambrosia Beetle Detection using Advanced Lure Designs

Kelley Asselin, MS Graduate Student, OSU Horticulture, MAIS


MAY 13

Enhancing Genetic Transformation of Woody Plant Species Using Morphogenic Regulator Genes

Ken Donsky, MS Graduate Student, OSU Horticulture

I received my Bachelor of Science in Horticulture Science from the University of Florida in 2019, where I worked as a Lab Technician, conducting micropropagation and plant genetic transformation across a diverse array of plant species. Prior to my doctoral studies, I worked as a Research Associate, conducting micropropagation, genetic transformation experiments, cryopreservations, and managing plant tissue culture pipelines. Currently, I am pursuing a Ph.D. under the mentorship of Laurent Deluc, focusing on advancing the genetic transformation of grapevines. My research involves optimizing techniques such as CRISPR, morphogenic genes, and nanomaterials to enhance transformation efficiency and facilitate precise gene-to-trait interrogation.

MAY 20

Next-Gen Horticulture: Applications of Nanomaterials in Plant Biotechnology

Christian Mandelli, PhD Graduate Student, OSU Horticulture

Christian is a four-year PhD student in Laurent Deluc’s lab where he works on developing a cure to red blotch virus. He did his undergrad and master in Italy focusing on viticulture and biotechnology.




Researching Protein-Protein Interaction in Plants: Y2H and BiFC

Abram Smith, MS Graduate Student, OSU Horticulture


MAY 27

Rearing Insects for Success

Anders Wohler, MS Graduate Student, OSU Horticulture

Anders Wohler is currently a Graduate Student at OSU working on disease management and insect vectors present in cultivated crops. Using his background in Naval preventative medicine Anders has aided the Mid-Columbia Agricultural Research and Extension Center team (MCAREC). His research focuses on Euscelidius variegatus a species of leafhopper found in the Dalles, OR. The insect is a known vector of Western Cherry X Disease (WXD) which has caused millions of dollars of damage to cherry orchards in Oregon. Anders works with local growers and fellow researchers to manage the spread of WXD in Oregon.



Breeding for enhanced drought tolerance and ecosystem services in nursery crops

Keen Maher, PhD Graduate Student, OSU Horticulture

I am a first year PhD student in the Ornamental Plant Breeding lab working under Dr. Ryan Contreras. I am researching drought stress tolerance in induced polyploids versus standard cytotypes for several ornamental crop species. Prior to starting at OSU, I received my Masters degree in Agriculture (specialization in Crop Science) from California Polytechnic State University in San Luis Obispo, where I studied soil microbial inoculants using strawberry plants. After graduating, I worked as a breeder assistant for Ball Horticultural, a large ornamental plant breeding operation in Arroyo Grande, California. In my spare time, I enjoy hiking, cooking, gardening, and playing guitar.


Evaluating the Drought Responses of Woody Plant Species

Joshua Perrault, MS Graduate Student, OSU Horticulture

I received A B.S. in integrated plant sciences from Washington State University where I majored in ag biotechnology and minored in horticulture. After my undergraduate education, I took a position managing the commercial tissue culture lab at Yakima Chief Ranches, a hop breeding and brand management company in the Yakima valley in Washington. After a year of overseeing the micropropagation of virus and viroid free plants, I decided to come to Oregon State to further my education.

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