Space Policy

The Horticulture Space/Facilities Committee is responsible for considering all space requests/changes and making recommendation to the Department Head.

The Committee operates under the following guidelines:

  • All space assignments are subject to change. Members of the department may be asked to vacate, relocate, or make changes to assigned space. It is assumed that such changes are in the best interest of the department.
  • The initial contact person for space request is the chair of the Space/Facilities Committee. Simple requests can be met/resolved either by the chair of the Committee or via discussion by the full Committee on a case-by-case basis. Committee recommendations are forwarded to the Department Head.
  • Space needs are considered on a priority basis with people having priority over equipment and storage. Faculty will have preference over staff, staff will have preference over students, and permanent faculty and staff will have preference over temporary faculty and staff.

These assumptions will be amended as needed with input from all segments of the department.

Space Policy in .pdf for downloading .