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Curriculum for Viticulture and Enology Option

Our Viticulture and Enology option is designed to support your learning about sustainable wine grape production practices that consider vine and vineyard health while also emphasizing the profitability of the vineyard and winery business. This learning, along with a strong basic horticultural sciences background, will be critical to your growth as a professional in vineyard production science and to your ability to contribute effectively to the wine grape industry upon graduation. As only one of five universities in the nation with programs in both grape and wine production sciences, the Viticulture and Enology option through the Department of Horticulture is an excellent program for you if you are interested in vineyard production, vine growth and physiology, as well as enology.

Vineyard and winery production and the wine sales and agri-tourism associated with the industry is a significant component of the Oregon economy; it is estimated to contribute $2.7 billion annually. The increase in acreage, number of wineries and total wine sales in the past ten years shows that Oregon's reputation as a well-respected wine production region continues to grow. As a student of this program, you will help bolster this reputation by becoming an expert in sustainable viticulture production methods with a strong background in basic sciences, horticultural production, agriculture, and viticulture sciences.

Recent graduates of the Viticulture and Enology option have become vineyard managers, viticulturists, consultants, and winemakers.

Active Learning

As a student studying Viticulture and Enology, you'll spend time conducting trials and research projects at Woodhall Vineyard, Oregon State's research vineyard. Students will also visit Willamette Valley vineyards to learn about problems and opportunities facing local producers. VITIS Club, the student organization for those interested in wine production at OSU, coordinates yearly wine tours and assists in yearly maintenance at Woodhall Vineyard. The Department of Horticulture encourages students to get out of the classroom and take a hands-on approach to learning and research in viticulture and enology.

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