Photocopier Policy

The Department of Horticulture has one copy machine that is available for faculty and students to use for copying related to teaching, research, and Extension projects. First priority use of the copy machine in the office is by office staff. Please act responsibly and with consideration for  others in matters concerning the copy machines. For example, it is common courtesy that  persons copying a large amount of material yield to requests from those wishing to make just a few copies.

Everyone has been assigned an access code for the copy machine in the main office. Personal copying can be done on the reading room copier at a charge of five cents per page for singlesided copies. Personal copying is not allowed when using a faculty member access code. If you need help determining whether a copy job is personal or otherwise, check with the office staff.

The number of copies made on each code is recorded by the copier and reviewed monthly. The copy machine we have is designed to do low volume copying. Large copy jobs or multiple copies of documents (over 100 pages) should be sent to Printing Services. We are billed for  each individual copy on the department copier at a fixed rate. However, at Printing Services the costs go down as the number of copies increases. Therefore, when preparing materials for  meetings, programs, large classes, etc. please utilize Printing Services.

Since publicly-owned resources are for official use only, the following guidelines will apply to the use of the copy machines by graduate students:

  • That portion of a graduate student's activities that contribute directly to the teaching, Extension, and research programs of the department (or university) are of an official nature. This includes preparation of materials for class by a Teaching Assistant, reproducing abstracts for distribution to seminar participants, preparation of manuscripts for publication (even though they may be included as a part of a student's thesis), etc.
  • Not included are duplicating materials as a part of a class assignment, copying thesis material not being submitted for publication in a journal (i.e. for distribution to committee members), copying journal articles, etc. for the student's files with little or no use to the university, etc.

Photocopier Policy in .pdf for downloading.