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Therapeutic Horticulture at Oregon State University

OSU currently offers an AHTA-accredited Therapeutic Horticulture Series, which can be completed as a stand-alone series or as embedded within a BS Horticulture or a Minor in Horticulture.  These courses are taught in a fully-remote modality via Ecampus; remaining horticulture curriculum can be completed in Corvallis or on Ecampus.  Please complete this survey indicated by the orange button below if you are interested in participating in these courses.

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Curriculum for Therapeutic Horticulture Option

As a Therapeutic Horticulture student, you will acquire the skills and knowledge needed to design healing and adapted gardens and to provide therapy programs that improve the quality of people’s lives. Our curriculum stresses effectively treating such clients as senior citizens struggling with physical or cognitive issues, individuals with developmental disabilities, and at-risk youth with the restorative powers of gardens, landscapes, and green spaces.

As a Horticultural Therapist, you'll help treat patients with significant health or emotional problems through the healing influence of nature. The impacts of therapeutic gardening have been studied and documented with various populations.  Memory can be improved through learning a gardening process, coordination can be strengthened by planting, and connections can be made between the earth and those with emotional and mental disabilities.  Horticultural therapy is practiced throughout the world in a wide diversity of settings and cultures, including mental health settings, physical rehabilitation, veterans’ services, vocation services, corrections, long-term care and hospice, special education programs, and youth and community services.

Graduates of the Therapeutic Horticultural option may become Registered Horticultural Therapists, Community Garden Coordinators, and Rehabilitation Program Coordinators.

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Active Learning

All Horticulture students at Oregon State University complete a 360HR internship or research project of their selection.  As a Therapeutic Horticulture student, you will select an internship which allows you to work with the concepts you learn in your courses.  If you plan to apply for AHTA Registration, you are advised to nest your 360HR OSU internship inside of a 480HR AHTA-approved internship, where you will be supervised by a Registered Horticultural Therapist. 

Oak Creek Center for Urban Horticulture
Internship Process and Requirements
Research/Thesis Process and Requirements


Application Information and Program Updates


Deadline to apply to OSU and enroll in the 2024-25 Therapeutic Horticulture Series

Deadline to apply to OSU and enroll in the 2024-25 Therapeutic Horticulture Series

First Year Students

November 1st, 2023: Early Action Deadline

February 1st, 2024: Priority Application

Transfer Students

March 15th, 2024: Priority Application

August 28th, 2024: Final Deadline

DPP Applications

September 13th, 2024

Post-Bacc Applications

August 1st, 2024 (CAS early deadline)

Non-Degree Application

Sep 11th, 2024

Program Updates

Therapeutic Horticulture Series Courses (an ATHA Accredited Series) will appear in the Academic Year 25 (Summer 2024-Spring 2025) course catalog and will be offered on the following schedules:

HORT 270 (3CR)

Introduction to Therapeutic Horticulture

FALL 2024 (10 WKS)

HORT 271 (2CR)

Therapeutic Horticulture Techniques and Adaptive Strategies

WINTER 2025 (WK 1-5)

HORT 272 (2CR)

Therapeutic Horticulture Skills I

WINTER 2025 (WK 6-10)

HORT 273 (2CR)

Therapeutic Horticulture Programming

SPRING 2025 (WK 1-5)

HORT 274 (2CR)

Therapeutic Horticulture Skills II

SPRING 2025 (WK 6-10)

HORT 275 (3CR)

Therapeutic Gardens

SUMMER 2025 (10 WKS)


As of January 2024, this Option is expected to be offered on Ecampus from AY25 forward.  If you are considering this option, it is recommended that you contact Head Undergraduate Advisor, Anne Gearhart, via the Contact link below, so that you understand how this might impact your pursuit of this option.

As of January 2024, students interested in additional coursework to fulfill AHTA requirements, but not a full BS degree, may consider pursuing a Minor in Horticulture.  Please contact Head Undergraduate Advisor, Anne Gearhart for more information.

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