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Curriculum for Therapeutic Horticulture Option

As a Therapeutic Horticulture student, you will acquire the skills and knowledge needed to design healing and adapted gardens and to provide therapy programs that improve the quality of people’s lives. Our curriculum stresses effectively treating such clients as senior citizens struggling with physical or cognitive issues, individuals with developmental disabilities, and at-risk youth with the restorative powers of gardens, landscapes, and greenspaces.

As a horticultural therapist, you'll help treat patients with significant health or emotional problems through the healing influence of nature. Horticultural therapy is practiced throughout the world in a wide diversity of settings and cultures, including mental health settings, physical rehabilitation, vocation services, corrections, long-term care and hospice, special education programs, and youth and community services. Memory can be improved through learning a gardening process, coordination can be strengthened by planting, and connections can be made between the earth and those with emotional and mental disabilities.

Graduates of the Therapeutic Horticultural option may become Registered Horticultural Therapists, Community Garden Coordinators, and Rehabilitation Program Coordinators.

Active Learning

horticulture therapyAs a Therapeutic Horticulture student, you'll attend some of your classes at Legacy Healthcare System in Portland in their award-winning therapy gardens. By working closely with patients in their renowned Horticultural Therapy program, you will enhance your patient care skills while gaining real world experience.

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