Viticulture and Enology

Option Checklist

The Oregon wine industry has experienced steady growth since wine grape production began in 1961. Oregon now ranks second nationally in number of wineries, and Oregon wine production output is the fourth highest in the United States. Vineyards and wineries have also become an integral part of the Oregon tourism industry.

The Viticulture and Enology curriculum addresses the educational needs of vineyard managers and professionals. The curriculum stresses active learning, case studies about real-world situations, and integrating ideas and facts from many different subjects. Viticulture and Enology graduates will be active learners, and possess the skills prized by employers. They will have a broad, thorough knowledge of viticulture and related topics, and will understand how their actions in the field affect the quality of the finished wine. They will be able to think critically. They will be skilled in finding and using information, as well as synthesizing information from many sources to analyze novel situations and solve problems in the field.

Horticulture Core (70-81 credits)

General Science

BI 211, BI 212, BI 213. *Principles of
  Biology (4,4,4)
CH 121. General Chemistry (5)
CH 122, CH 123. *General Chemistry (5,5)
MTH 112. *Elementary Functions (4)


HORT 111. Introduction to Horticultural
  Crop Production (2)
HORT 301. Principles of Horticultural
  Technology (4)
HORT 407. Senior Seminar (1)
HORT 403 or 410. Thesis/Internship (6–12)
HORT 412. Career Exploration (1)
HORT 495. Horticultural Management
   Plans (3)

Agricultural Sciences

BOT 350. Intro to Plant Pathology (4)
CSS 305. Principles of Soil Science (4)
CSS 306. Problem Solving: Soil Science (1)
CSS 440. Weed Management (4)
ENT 311. Intro to Pest Management (5)

Plant Materials

HORT 251. Temperate Tree Fruit, Berries,
  Grapes, and Nuts (2) alt. year

 Option Requirements

Foundation Sciences

BI 314. Cell and Molecular Biology (4)

BB 350. Elementary Biochemistry (4)

BOT 331. Plant Physiology (4)

CH 331. CH 332. Organic Chemistry (4, 4)

MB 302. General Microbiology (3)

Horticulture Synthesis

HORT 302. Principles of Horticultural

  Technology (4)

HORT 481. Case Studies in Horticultural

  Systems Management (4)


HORT 311. ^Plant Propagation (4)
HORT 316. Plant Nutrition (4)
HORT 452. Berry and Grape Physiology and
  Culture (4) alt. year
HORT 453. Grape Growth Physiology
  (3) alt. year
HORT 454. Principles, Practices of Vineyard
  Production (3) alt. year

*Baccalareate core course
^Writing intensive course