Organic Farming Systems (Online) Undergraduate Certificate

Undergraduate Organic Farming Systems Certificate (Online)

Offered through Ecampus (Online), the new Undergraduate Organic Farming Systems Certificate will provide you with technical skills and knowledge in organic farming production and regulation. The program emphasizes organic management of soil health, pests and diseases, weeds, and inputs while also providing understanding of organic regulations, policy, economics, and social implications. "Systems thinking" will be utilized and cultivated throughout the courses to help illuminate interconnections and underline how management decisions influence all dimensions of sustainability (environmental, social and economic).

While most of your schoolwork will be completed online, you will be required to complete hands-on lab experiences, either through purchased kits or through virtual lab projects created collaboratively between Horticulture faculty and the curriculum design team in Ecampus. In addition, your schedule's flexibility may allow you to accept an internship or work in one of our many facilities. An internship provides professional-level interaction with growers, managers, field reps, and consultants; and provides hands-on experience.

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